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February 24, 2021, 04:15 PM

MBSE, Language, Meaning, and the Digital Thread- Keynote Presentation: Matthew Hause

A talk by Matthew Hause
Principal Systems Engineer, SSI

Models, modeling and MBSE are all about communication. In normal conversation we communicate thoughts, emotions, ideas, impressions, plans, etc. We use different formats and vocabularies depending on who we are speaking with and why. However, though we may think we are speaking clearly, we may be misinterpreted or fail to communicate what we intend. This can be further complicated if the listener is not a native speaker or SME. The same is true in MBSE. Multiple tools are used across the SE lifecycle within what is known as the Digital Thread. Communication with stakeholders regarding needs is different than with Software engineers regarding detailed requirements. Even within MBSE there are multiple languages competing within the same space. This plurality of languages increases our ability to express ourselves but can also cause confusion. Forcing everyone to use the same language is neither desirable nor practical. Translating/ exchanging models causes its own problems. This presentation describes an approach of interoperability of tools via traceability within the digital thread. This is in keeping with the DoD OSD Digital Engineering Strategy of an Authoritative Source of Truth and other best practices. To conclude, we will look at best practice for adopting MBSE in an organization.

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