About our workshops 

Included in the price of your ticket, MBSECON will contain a full-day of workshops from 10am- 4pm CT. Join our experienced engineers as they go over topics including Demystifying Systems Engineering, Introduction to Systems Engineering Using Models, and Certifying in the Lifecycle Modeling Language.

The workshops will be held over Airmeet which will allow our systems engineers to teach the workshop to all attending guest as well as allow you to ask questions via video or text chat. 

Schedule and Descriptions

9am - 11pm CT: Demystifying Systems Engineering - Dr. Warren Vaneman

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is an ambiguous concept that means many things to many different people. The purpose of this tutorial is to “de-mystify” MBSE, with the intent of moving the sub-discipline forward. Model-Based Systems Engineering was envisioned to manage the increasing complexity within systems and System of Systems (SoS). This presentation defines MBSE as the formalized application of modeling (static and dynamic) to support system design and analysis, throughout all phases of the system lifecycle, and through the collection of modeling languages, structures, model-based processes, and presentation frameworks used to support the discipline of systems engineering in a model-based or model- driven context. Using this definition, the components of MBSE (modeling languages, processes, structures, and presentation frameworks) are defined. Finally, this tutorial will discuss some MBSE implementation considerations. 

11pm-1pm CT: Introduction to Systems Engineering Using Models - Dr. Jerry Sellers 

This 2-hr tutorial provides a great of systems engineering and how we go about modeling various aspects of it. The tutorial begins with a broad review of systems engineers with focus on how we translate customer needs to capabilities. A variant of the classic “V” model is used to describe the the key processes of design, management and realization of systems. From this foundation, the course turns to understanding how we develop and model key architectures that define the system: Operational, Requirements, Functional, Physical, Interface and Verification & Validation. The tutorial makes extensive use of MBSE examples to illustrate how diagrams can be used to capture, connect and communicate key systems engineering artifacts. 

1pm - 3pm CT: Certify in the Lifecycle Modeling Language - Dr. Steven Dam

The Lifecycle Modeling Language is a simple ontology that helps complex systems make sense. In the ever growing world of systems engineering, these complex systems continue to change at a more rapid pace than ever before. So, larger, more complex systems development implies: a need for larger, distributed teams; a need for a clear concise way to express the system design (clear, logically consistent semantics); and new tools to enable collaboration across the entire lifecycle.

Join Dr. Steven Dam as he teaches you the specifications of LML followed by a certification test. 

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