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About the Model-Based Systems Engineering Conference 

The Model-Based Systems Engineering Conference (MBSECON) is a collaborative virtual conference for systems engineering professionals. Interact and network with experts on MBSE, MBSE languages, ontologies, and more. 

Stay up to date with the latest in MBSE through our experienced keynote speakers, highly interactive panel sessions, and workshops. MBSECON will have experts from a variety of disciplines and attendee participation through Q&A sessions is encouraged. Educate and inspire through MBSECON's workshops, panel sessions, keynotes, and more.

Learn more about MBSE as well as certify in the Lifecycle Modeling Language through our workshops on February 22nd. Included in the price of your ticket, join our experienced systems engineers as they teach topics on introduction to systems engineering through models, demystified systems engineering, and certify in the Lifecycle Modeling Language. For more information CLICK HERE. 

MBSECON will be using Airmeet, the virtual conference platform, to show speaker and panel sessions, allow attendees to educate themselves at virtual sponsor booths, and network with other attendees, sponsors, and speakers.

For more information on The Lifecycle Modeling Language, please visit: http://lifecyclemodeling.org/

Why Attend?

Attending the conference will provide you with...

+ A free membership to the LML organization for a year.

+ Daily social activities including morning yoga and mindfulness with Amanda Winters and happy hour        trivia and prizes!

+ A unique networking experience to educate yourself at sponsor booths, interact with other                         attendees, or attend speaker sessions.

+ A free copy of the LML Specification book (digital copy).

+ The opportunity to attend any of our workshops on February 22nd on a variety of topics. 

+ A chance to post job listings and "meet and mingle" in a professional way.

How to have the best experience during MBSECON

Follow these tips before February 22nd to experience MBSECON at its best.

1. Please use Google Chrome or FireFox to open Airmeet

2. Create your free Airmeet account HERE

3. Watch the tutorial to the left to learn how to use Airmeet

4. Make sure to have headphones/ head set and microphone for best listening experience 

        -Please be sure to use the "Test Camera and Audio" option               before entering Airmeet 

5. Check out our speakers agenda to find the presentations that mean the most to you and add them to your schedule! 

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